Thank You for visiting, below you will find a form to fill out for a free $100 hotel discount voucher, good at over 400,000 hotels worldwide. It is free to all Police, Dispatch, Fire and E.M.S workers. Kind of a Thank You to our First Responders. The voucher allows you to use a kick butt travel search engine for free which gives you travel agent rates that are lower sometimes by up to 65% off compared to the major travel websites. (I recently saved $569.54 between our hotel and vehicle rental for our Spring Break. See screenshots below.)
Use your $100 voucher as a way to try the website without having to be a member. The voucher allows you to receive the same discounted rates that members get. For example if the hotel you want to stay at has a public price of $178 member price may be $128 a night saving you $50 a night which comes off your voucher. Once the $100 voucher is used up you will be asked to join to keep saving. For me it was a no brainer because I saved $569.54 on our first vacation. You may do better. Some all inclusive resorts are up to $700 cheaper then public price and no timeshare presentation is needed. You really can save a bundle.

Full Disclosure: The hotel discount voucher gives you $100 in savings off your hotel booking. After your $100 in savings is used up you will be asked to join as a member which is as low as $16.66 a month, but you don’t have to join just to use the savings voucher. The website makes it’s money from its membership and in turn doesn’t mark up travel like a travel agent or other travel websites which passes the savings down to you. If you do decide to purchase a membership I get 40% or after taxes about $5 a month from it. Hey I have 5 years to retirement and need to supplement it some how🙂

As a 25 year law enforcement vet I know that getting some down time to refresh the batteries is a must and If I can help you save some money all the better.

Enter your info below before this first responder promotion expires and I’ll get your voucher out to you a.s.a.p..

Be Safe Out There.